WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix3-4 June 2017 - Zaton (CRO)

Zaton Holiday Resort

Fredrik Persson wins WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix 2017

Fredrik Persson (SWE) is the first winner of the WMF Minigolf Grand Prix, played at Zaton Holiday Resort.

  • 1st place Fredrik Persson (SWE) 24 points and wins €300
  • 2nd place Daniel Moser (SUI) 25 points and wins €200
  • 3rd place Marian Strasko (CZE) 21 points after 15 lanes and wins €120
  • 4th place Rupert Westenthaler (AUT) 17 points after 12 lanes and wins €80
  • 5th place Marcel Noack (GER) 16 points after 9 lanes and wins €60
  • 6th place Dan Trulsson (SWE) 11 points after 6 lanes and wins €40

During the live video on Facebook we had at maximum 288 viewers at the same time.

Thanks to everybody for watching!

Full final results

Announcement of Grand Prix Final players

The following players have qualified to play the WMF Minigolf Grand Prix Final 2017, which will start at approximately 14.10 hrs:

  1. Fredrik Persson (SWE)
  2. Marcel Noack (GER)
  3. Rupert Westenthaler (AUT)
  4. Daniel Moser (SUI)
  5. Marian Strasko (CZE)
  6. Dan Trulsson (SWE)*

* beat Majkus Zdenek (CZE) in sudden-death after lane 1 (miniaturegolf) to reach the final

So we have 5 different countries in the final, good!

Rupert Westenthaler (AUT) gave Marcel Noack (GER) a bye for sudden-death and is now qualified for the final in third place.

Follow the LIVE results of the final here

For a live video feed of the final, please go to WMF Facebook page

Mode of Speed Golf Final

Lanes of Speed Golf Final

Sweden is Croatian Grand Prix Champion Teams!

The team of Sweden has won the WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix 2017, held at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia. The players Fredrik Persson, Marielle Svensson, Dan Trulsson and Sebastian Ekängen took 1059 shots to get to the gold medal. Czech Republic I took the silver with 1079 shots. Germany came in third with 1094 shots.

Full results click here

Prize money table WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix

For the best players of the WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix there will be cash prizes for individual category winners, as well as for all 6 finalists in the overall individual competition.

Individual competition
(after 10 rounds):

  • Men 1st place € 100
  • Women 1st place € 100

Speed Golf Final
(1 round 9 felt – 9 miniature, 6 best players after 10 rounds):

  • 1st place € 300
  • 2nd place € 200
  • 3rd place € 120
  • 4th place € 80
  • 5th place € 60
  • 6th place € 40

Mode of Speed Golf Final

Lanes of Speed Golf Final

WMF Championships 2017 website online!

With only 3 weeks before the first Minigolf Championships at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia we are proud to announce the WMF Championships 2017 website is now online.

You might say, well, that's a bit late... And you are right!

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Obstacles Championship courses announced

For those of you who are curious about what type of lanes you can expect at the feltgolf course and miniaturegolf course at Zaton Holiday Resort, please find the lists below.

The construction will begin on May 12th and will finish in about two weeks time, just in time for Grand Prix...

Pictures will be provided during construction as much as possible.

Installation Championship courses Zaton started

WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix 2017 is getting closer and closer...

On May 12th the installation of the first miniature golf lanes started at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia.

The courses will be finished in about two weeks time, just in time for Grand Prix...


Invitation to WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix published

The invitation for the WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix 2017 was published on WMF website on February 18th 2017. The event will be held on the newly build felt course and miniaturegolf course of Zaton Holiday Resort in Zaton (Nin), Croatia on the 3rd and 4th of June 2017 and is considered as a test event for both participants at the upcoming World Championships General Class as well as for the organisation team.

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