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Minigolf Summer 2017

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Zaton Holiday Resort

Nin, Croatia

What we do

3-4 June 2017

WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix

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11-12 September 2017

World Adventure Golf Masters

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20-23 September 2017

WMF Minigolf World Championships

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Obstacles Championship courses announced

For those of you who are curious about what type of lanes you can expect at the feltgolf course and miniaturegolf course at Zaton Holiday Resort, please find the lists below.

The construction will begin on May 12th and will finish in about two weeks time, just in time for Grand Prix...

Pictures will be provided during construction as much as possible.

Installation Championship courses Zaton started

WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix 2017 is getting closer and closer...

On May 12th the installation of the first miniature golf lanes started at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia.

The courses will be finished in about two weeks time, just in time for Grand Prix...


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