WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix3-4 June 2017 - Zaton (CRO)

Zaton Holiday Resort


The accreditation of all participants has to be filed immediately after arrival at Zaton, latest Thursday, June 1st 2017, 5 pm

THURSDAY, 1st of JUNE  2017 - Official training day 1
09.00 am – 06.00 pm official training for all participants
after 06.00 pm no training allowed due to the opening ceremony
02.00 pm last possibility for written complaints regarding courses
03.00 pm inspection courses by representative WMF and member Organizer
05.00 pm deadline for accreditation of participants
07.00 pm opening ceremony


09.00 am – 06.00 pm official training for all participants
after 06.00 pm free training
12.00 pm deadline for payment of practicing fees
12.00 pm technical meeting
02.00 pm deadline for handing in team lineups


09.00 am six (6) rounds for all participants
individual players: felt – miniature – felt – miniature – felt – miniature
team players: miniature – felt – miniature – felt – miniature – felt
tournament jury has the right to change the schedule based on number of participants, such a decision shall be announced latest in the technical meeting


09.00 am two (2) rounds for all participants
all players: miniature – felt
starting order: reverse leaderboard order in overall individual competition across all categories
end of category and team competitions and qualifying rounds for the individual final
necessary sudden deaths for category and team competitions: immediately after the end of qualifying rounds on course A
latest 02.00 pm WMF CGP individual final round for the best 6 players of the overall competition after 8 qualifying rounds (no category limits for this overall final)
FINAL ROUND MODE: final starts from zero scores
all 6 players play in one group
in case of equal total qualification scores the ranks 1 to 6 are defined by sudden-death playoff right after the end of qualification
9 + 9 lanes
“Speedgolf point play”
player has 60 seconds to complete each lane, a shot clock will be used
2 points for each ace
1 point for each completed lane inside the time limit
0 points for not completed lanes
transition to next lane is called by referee
only player is allowed to touch the ball after the first shot has been played on the lane
the currently last player according to the point scores is eliminated from the final after 6, 9, 12 and 15 lanes
after 15 lanes only two players are left and these will complete the final round
higher point score after 18 lanes wins the final
best player from qualification plays last on lane 1, 6th player begins, same order for first 6 lanes
for lane 7 new reverse order according to current final round standings is made and this is repeated after every cut
in case of ties scores after cut lane no sudden-death will be played to decide the eliminiated player, the lower-ranked player in the qualification is eliminated
in case of tie between the last two players after lane 18 a sudden-death playoff will be played on the last lane of final by using the final rules, same lane is played as long as there is a winner
victory ceremony will take place at the course right after the end of the individual final round
07.00 pm closing ceremony


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