WMF Minigolf Croatian Grand Prix3-4 June 2017 - Zaton (CRO)

Zaton Holiday Resort

WMF Championships 2017 website online!

With only 3 weeks before the first Minigolf Championships at Zaton Holiday Resort in Nin, Croatia we are proud to announce the WMF Championships 2017 website is now online.

You might say, well, that's a bit late... And you are right!

Let us explain: Responsibility of creating a Championship website was a task of the Croatian Minigolf Federation. But unfortunately until today the website was not ready. That is why WMF decided to launch our own Championship website. Because of time the website is not totally ready, but we are on the right track.

For Grand Prix, World Adventure Golf Masters and the World Championships General Class this website will be the official channel to follow everyhing around these great events.

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