World Adventure Golf Masters11-12 September 2017 - Zaton (CRO)

Zaton Holiday Resort

Short info about WAGM 2017

On August 30th 2017 WMF Sport Director Pasi Aho sent the following information to the teamleaders of the registered participating nations:

  • 104 registered participants, 19 teams with 76 team players + 28 individual players
  • There will be no training groups on official training days (Sat-Sun), open training all day long
  • The number of participants means we’ll be able to manage 5 rounds for team competition and individual categories + 1 individual superfinal round (same format as in Kosovo)
  • First group will start 08:00 on both days
  • We’ll follow the same starting order as in Kosovo, first the individual players category by category, then teams as drawn to playing order by draw and players set inside the team by the team captain (team 1 player 1, team 2 player 1, team 3 player 1…)
  • Referees: Wil van Disseldorp (NED), Aku Lehtimäki (FIN)
  • Bangolf Arena Mobile Scorecard (BAMS) will be used at WAGM, meaning there will be mobile phones as scorecards and live results on the internet
  • Every registered participant (including coaches) must have signed the WADA Athlete Consent Form and WMF media rights waiver form before being able to participate. The forms have been sent to the teams via email on August 23rd
  • Prize money of WAGM 2017 will be announced separately
  • Official balls: Allowed balls for WAGM are all WMF-licensed minigolf balls as per our Rulebook as well as WMF-licensed golf balls as per our Rulebook. In case you are not in possession of a WMF-approved golf ball from earlier years (Chromax 2016, WAGM 2016, WAGM 2014, other WMF golf ball…), there will be some approved Chromax golf balls for sale at Zaton, provided by the Team USA sponsor Chromax Golf. The price is EUR 8 / HRK 60 per ball and they are available either at Jon Drexler / Team USA or in the tournament office.

Dates and times to note during the practice days:

  • Saturday 9th, 12:00 – Technical meeting to all team captains (differing from the invitation I am willing to have this already on Saturday in order to be able to discuss special course rules and possible other special rulings well ahead of the competition and not just half a day before the training ends)
  • Saturday 9th, 12:00 – Remarks to the course and rules to the tournament director
  • Saturday 9th, 19:00 – Opening ceremony (no training allowed after 18:00 till the end of ceremony)
  • Sunday 10th, 09:00 – Accreditation of participants (please do this immediately after your arrival or when the tournament office has opened)
  • Sunday 10th, 12:00 – Payment of the training fees for the days before official training
  • Sunday 10th, 14:00 – Deadline for team line-ups (playing order inside the team)

Pasi Aho
Tournament Director
WMF Sport Director

Official WMF Sponsors

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